Feb 12

Magical Thorn, Robbin Goblin, and Drop Off

Here’s a little trap combo that will cause your opponent some big grief!


Use Magical Thorn to deal out damage every time your opponent discards a card from his hand.

Magical Thorn


Robbin Goblin



Use Robbin Goblin to cause your opponent to discard a card every time you inflict Battle Damage.


Magical Thorn will cost them an additional 500 Life Points every time Robbin Goblin causes them to discard a card!







Be sure to set Drop Off before you end your turn.

Drop Off

Now that you’ve done tons of damage, end your turn.

Use Drop Off during your opponent’s next Draw Phase. This will force them to discard their drawn card, and cost them another 500 Life Points!

You can find Drop Off in Dark Beginnings 2 packs


(I am seller RCourtmanch)

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