Jan 13

Realm of the Sea Emperor

Realm of the Sea Emperor

The newest structure deck is also a very fun water deck!

Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon

Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon, is definitely the star of the deck.  With a 2800 ATK, it’s not the toughest card in the game, but the unique effect can cripple your opponent and all of your opponent’s monsters!

Poseidra takes 3 Level 3 or lower water monsters to summon, but you can special summon it from your hand or from the Graveyard.  This means you have many ways to get Poseidra out – and re-use it’s effect to repeatedly diminish your opponent’s monster’s ATK!

There are a number of Atlantean cards, which all work together nicely, and support the deck well.


There are several cards that were released in previous sets, all selected to work well in this deck.  They all fit the water theme nicely!  Let them inspire you for ways to change the deck and make it work for your style – there have been a lot of cards released over the years that work well in water/sea serpent type decks!

Friller Rabca

In the next post, you’ll see more of the heavy hitters from this deck, and learn ways to combo them with the other cards in this deck.

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