Oct 23

Vylon Stella and Darklord Desire combo

After the last Vylon Stella post, a Ra Yellow Mega Pack was opened.

It contained a card that was SO perfect for using with Vylon Stella.

That card is Darklord Desire:

Darklord Desire

This amazing card can be summoned using a single fairy type monster.  This is a perfect way to get Vylon Stella into the graveyard.

Vylon Stella

Once there, you can pay 500 life points to attach Vylon Stella to Darklord Desire.

You can attack with Darklord and use Vylon Stella’s effect to destroy a monster – especially a monster that cannot be destroyed by battle.  This is Vylon Stella’s specialty.

You can also use Darklord Desire’s effect to destroy a monster.

Used at the right time, this can be a game changing combo!

Rule the Duel!

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