Oct 15

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

This gorgeous card turned up recently in a Return of the Duelist pack:

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

(Sorry, the gold lettering just wouldn’t scan very well.)

Thunder Spark Dragon has two possible effects.  The first effect requires detaching 3 Xyz materials to activate – but it wipes out all other face-up monsters on the field.

The second effect requires detaching 5 Xyz Materials to activate – and it destroys all the cards your opponent controls!

Since it requires 3 level 4 monsters to summon this card, how does one use the card’s second effect?

Here’s a couple of cards that can help with that:

Overlay Eater

Overlay Eater can take one of your opponent’s Xyz material monsters and add it to one of your own Xyz monsters!  And getting to your Graveyard is as simple as using it to summon another monster.

Overlay Regen

Overlay Regen is a simple to use spell card that becomes Xyz material for any face-up Xyz Monster on the field.

There’s one more card that can help Thunder Spark Dragon:

Xyz Unit

Xyz Unit is awesome; not only does it effectively act as Xyz material, it adds 800 ATK to Thunder Spark Dragon’s attack while it is still attached!

Rule the Duel!

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