Jun 02

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 1

The first pack contained a starfoil Change of Heart, a rare Machina Fortress, Makyura the Destructor, Magic Drain, and Wind-Up Warrior.

Here’s a picture of the cards that were in the first battle pack opened:

Cards from an Epic Dawn Battle PackHere’s a larger picture of the starfoil card:

Change of Heart starfoil The scan really doesn’t do it justice.  The stars barely show up in the picture, but they are absolutely beautiful on the card!

Machina Fortress has a unique ink for the card title, a deep blue that shines like well-polished steel.  Here’s a larger picture of it:Machina Fortress

Again, the scan isn’t really doing it justice.  You can see the difference in the ink better in the large picture at the top of the blog post.

So the new deck has 3 monsters, a spell, and a trap to get it started.  Change of Heart used to be on the banned/restricted list, but I haven’t checked the list in a while.

Keep watching – the next post will show the contents of the second battle pack!


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