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Jun 16

Advanced and Traditional card lists updated

The site now has the current forbidden and restricted card lists for Advanced and Traditional format available. The link is on the right side of the main site page: Enjoy!

Jun 12

Epic Dawn Battle Kit card review

So, that was a lot of posts and a lot of pretty cards, but what really came out of it as far as dueling goes? Here’s another look at stuff: There were 8 level 5 or higher cards in the set.  Of these, 4 require but a single tribute to summon.  Of the remaining 4, …

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Jun 11

Epic Dawn Battle Kit Pack 10!!!

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

It’s time for a look at the tenth and final Battle Pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit! Tonight’s pack revealed a Toon Gemini Elf starfoil, a Number 39: Utopia, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Airknight Parshath, and Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. Here’s a look at the pack contents:   The starfoil doesn’t show up well, but …

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Jun 10

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 9

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

It’s the next to the last pack in the battle kit… almost finished… and it contained a Metal Reflect Slime starfoil, a Tour Guide from the Underworld rare, Dust Tornado, Beast King Barbaros, and Hardened Armed Dragon. Here’s a look at the pack contents:   This was my first look at Metal Reflect Slime: It’s …

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Jun 09

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 8

Charcoal Inpachi

Time for the eighth installment of the Epic Dawn Battle Kit packs.  Pack #8 contained a Charcoal Inpachi starfoil (!), a Mobius the Frost Monarch rare, Inverse Universe, Buster Blader, and Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. Here’s a look the the pack contents: And a better look at the Charcoal Inpachi starfoil: It’s really very pretty! …

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Jun 08

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 7

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

Today we get a look at the seventh pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit.  It’s got some interesting – and useful – cards: A Nightmare Wheel starfoil, a Torrential Tribute rare, Fissure, Twin-Sword Marauder, and Backup Warrior. Fissure and Torrential Tribute have been two of my favorite cards for many years! Here’s a scan …

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Jun 07

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 6

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

Tonight you get a look at pack #6 out of the 10 battle packs in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit – that’s right, just 4 more to go after this post! Battle Pack #6 contained a Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts starfoil, a Number 39: Utopia rare, Grave Squirmer, Blizzard Dragon, and Cloudian – Poison …

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Jun 06

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 5

DUCKER Mobile Cannon

It’s time to unveil the fifth Epic Dawn Battle Pack, which has a DUCKER Mobile Cannon starfoil, a Skill Drain rare, Amazoness Trainee, Magic Drain, and Ancient Gear Knight. Here’s the scan: Here’s a closer look at the DUCKER Mobile Cannon starfoil And the review wouldn’t be complete without a better look at the Skill Drain rare: …

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Jun 05

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 4

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

The fourth pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit revealed a Snowman Eater starfoil; a Gem-Knight Pearl rare; Changing Destiny; Alector, Sovereign of Birds; and Giant Soldier of Stone. Here’s a scan of all the cards: Here’s an image of the Snowman Eater starfoil card: And a closer look at Gem-Knight Pearl: So this pack contained …

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Jun 04

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 3

It’s the great unveiling of the third pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit! This pack contained a Shield Crush starfoil, a Witch of the Black Forest rare, Tribute to the Doomed, Wind-Up Soldier, and Blast Sphere. Here’s the scan: Here’s a close up of the Shield Crush starfoil: And a closer look at the …

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