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Jun 12

Epic Dawn Battle Kit card review

So, that was a lot of posts and a lot of pretty cards, but what really came out of it as far as dueling goes? Here’s another look at stuff: There were 8 level 5 or higher cards in the set.  Of these, 4 require but a single tribute to summon.  Of the remaining 4, …

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Jun 11

Epic Dawn Battle Kit Pack 10!!!

Number 39: Utopia

It’s time for a look at the tenth and final Battle Pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit! Tonight’s pack revealed a Toon Gemini Elf starfoil, a Number 39: Utopia, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Airknight Parshath, and Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. Here’s a look at the pack contents:   The starfoil doesn’t show up well, but …

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Jun 10

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 9

Tour Guide from the Underworld

It’s the next to the last pack in the battle kit… almost finished… and it contained a Metal Reflect Slime starfoil, a Tour Guide from the Underworld rare, Dust Tornado, Beast King Barbaros, and Hardened Armed Dragon. Here’s a look at the pack contents:   This was my first look at Metal Reflect Slime: It’s …

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Jun 09

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 8

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

Time for the eighth installment of the Epic Dawn Battle Kit packs.  Pack #8 contained a Charcoal Inpachi starfoil (!), a Mobius the Frost Monarch rare, Inverse Universe, Buster Blader, and Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. Here’s a look the the pack contents: And a better look at the Charcoal Inpachi starfoil: It’s really very pretty! …

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Jun 08

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 7

Torrential Tribute

Today we get a look at the seventh pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit.  It’s got some interesting – and useful – cards: A Nightmare Wheel starfoil, a Torrential Tribute rare, Fissure, Twin-Sword Marauder, and Backup Warrior. Fissure and Torrential Tribute have been two of my favorite cards for many years! Here’s a scan …

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Jun 07

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 6

Number 39: Utopia

Tonight you get a look at pack #6 out of the 10 battle packs in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit – that’s right, just 4 more to go after this post! Battle Pack #6 contained a Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts starfoil, a Number 39: Utopia rare, Grave Squirmer, Blizzard Dragon, and Cloudian – Poison …

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Jun 06

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 5

Skill Drain

It’s time to unveil the fifth Epic Dawn Battle Pack, which has a DUCKER Mobile Cannon starfoil, a Skill Drain rare, Amazoness Trainee, Magic Drain, and Ancient Gear Knight. Here’s the scan: Here’s a closer look at the DUCKER Mobile Cannon starfoil And the review wouldn’t be complete without a better look at the Skill Drain rare: …

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Jun 05

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 4

Snowman Eater

The fourth pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit revealed a Snowman Eater starfoil; a Gem-Knight Pearl rare; Changing Destiny; Alector, Sovereign of Birds; and Giant Soldier of Stone. Here’s a scan of all the cards: Here’s an image of the Snowman Eater starfoil card: And a closer look at Gem-Knight Pearl: So this pack contained …

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Jun 04

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 3

Epic Dawn Battle Pack

It’s the great unveiling of the third pack in the Epic Dawn Battle Kit! This pack contained a Shield Crush starfoil, a Witch of the Black Forest rare, Tribute to the Doomed, Wind-Up Soldier, and Blast Sphere. Here’s the scan: Here’s a close up of the Shield Crush starfoil: And a closer look at the …

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Jun 03

Epic Dawn Battle Pack 2

Wind-Up Zenmaister

It’s time to open the second Epic Dawn Battle Pack  🙂 It contained Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Wind-Up Zenmaister, Fiend’s Sanctuary, Milla the Temporal Magician, and Vortex Trooper.  Here’s the scan:   Gorz is the starfoil card, and it would appear that Wind-Up Zenmaister is the rare in this pack.   So this pack …

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