Nov 19

Spirit Barrier and Grave Squirmer Combo

Spirit Barrier has long been a favorite trap card in my Yu-Gi-Oh! decks for protecting life points.  It’s a continuous spell card, and as long as a monster remains on your side of the field, you take no battle damage.  Pretty sweet, right?


Spirit Barrier: While you control a monster, you take no battle damage.

Spirit Barrier: While you control a monster, you take no battle damage.

This card becomes even more useful when combined with low ATK/DEF monsters that have great effects.  Here’s a powerful combo example:

Grave Squirmer is a level 1 effect monster with ATK 0 and DEF 0.  It has a useful effect: when it is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can target one card on the field and destroy that target.  This is extremely helpful for getting rid of pesky trap or spell cards your opponent has in play, or for taking out one of your opponent’s tough monsters.  It will also make your opponent think twice before attacking Grave Squirmer.  The best tactic your opponent has is to destroy it with a card effect.

Grave Squirmer: If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Target 1 card on the field; destroy that target.

Grave Squirmer: If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Target 1 card on the field; destroy that target.


Ordinarily, when Grave Squirmer’s effect is activated, it comes with the price of your life points.  There are two good ways to use this card: One is to get it into defense mode as quickly as possible and wait for your opponent to attack, and the other is to initiate an attack that will cause the card to be destroyed by battle yourself.

When you combine Grave Squirmer with Spirit Barrier, you get the great effect of Grave Squirmer without the heavy price of losing life points when it is destroyed!

You can use cards like Des Feral Imp and Return Soul to get cards back out of your Graveyard.

Des Feral Imp and Return Soul

Des Feral Imp and Return Soul


This is just one possible combo – there are plenty of low ATK/DEF monsters with awesome effects. Spirit Barrier will help you make the most of them while protecting your precious life points – because once they are gone, the duel is over.

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Feb 13

The Wicked Worm Beast


The Wicked Worm Beast



The Wicked Worm Beast appears to be a simple Level 3 effect monster, but this card has a fantastic effect if you combo it properly – here’s how to do exactly that:









Play Creature Swap while you have The Wicked Worm Beast face-up on the field.

Creature Swap

Choose The Wicked Worm Beast as the monster you swap, and at the end of your turn it will be returned to your hand.  You also get to keep the monster your opponent had to swap with you!

You can get even more mileage out of The Wicked Worm Beast by using Spring of Rebirth with it.

Spring of Rebirth




This continuous spell card will give you 500 points every time a monster returns from the field to the owner’s hand.


Not only does this work when cards are returned to your hand, it works when your opponent has to return cards to their hand too.


There are several effect monsters that will cause your opponent to return cards from the field to your hand, such as Guardian Sphinx.




Look for other cards you can use that return to your hand at the end of the turn, or that return to your hand instead of being sent to the Graveyard.

You can find The Wicked Worm Beast and Spring of Rebirth in Dark Beginings 2 packs.

(I am seller RCourtmanch)

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Feb 12

Magical Thorn, Robbin Goblin, and Drop Off

Here’s a little trap combo that will cause your opponent some big grief!


Use Magical Thorn to deal out damage every time your opponent discards a card from his hand.

Magical Thorn


Robbin Goblin



Use Robbin Goblin to cause your opponent to discard a card every time you inflict Battle Damage.


Magical Thorn will cost them an additional 500 Life Points every time Robbin Goblin causes them to discard a card!







Be sure to set Drop Off before you end your turn.

Drop Off

Now that you’ve done tons of damage, end your turn.

Use Drop Off during your opponent’s next Draw Phase. This will force them to discard their drawn card, and cost them another 500 Life Points!

You can find Drop Off in Dark Beginnings 2 packs

(I am seller RCourtmanch)

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Jan 13

Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon

Realm of the Sea Emperor

In the last post, you got a preview of the Realm of the Sea Emperor deck.  Here’s a look at the heavy hitter from the deck – Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon, along with some other great cards.

Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon

You can Tribute 3 Level 3 or lower WATER monsters; Special Summon this card from your hand or Graveyard. When you do: Return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to the hand, and if you do, if 3 or more cards are returned to the hand by this effect, all monsters your opponent currently controls lose 300 ATK for each.

Use Atlantean Dragoons to get this card out of your deck.Atlantean Dragoons

You can use Slushy (in the new Abyss Rising set) to summon Poseidra.  Skreech allows you to put Poseidra in your Graveyard, where you can summon it to use it’s effect again.

Here’s an easy way to use the cards in this deck to get out Poseidra: Summon Deep Sea Diva and use it to bring out Atlantean Heavy Infantry.  Atlantean Heavy Infantry allows you to summon one level 4 or lower sea serpent type monster in addition to your normal summon.

Deep Sea DivaAtlantean Heavy Infantry


Atlantean Heavy Infantry is another potential heavy hitter in this deck.  Use it to activate a water monster’s effect, and you can destroy one face-up card your opponent controls.

A Legendary Ocean

Use A Legendary Ocean to allow you to use Level 4 water monsters to special summon this card.

When you special summon Poseidra, if there are at least 3 spell and trap cards on the field, you will be able to reduce your opponent’s monster’s ATK by 300 points for each spell and trap card that was on the field.

With your spell/trap zone full, plus a field card, you would reduce your opponent’s monster’s ATK by 1800.  Increase that by 300 for each spell and trap card your opponent had on the field as well,.

Now reactivate A Legendary Ocean to increase Poseidra’s ATK by 200.

Poseidra’s ATK is now 3000, and should now be more than sufficient to wipe out what remains of your opponent’s toughest monster.

For a super-charged effect, tribute monsters that, once in the Graveyard, can summon other monsters to the field.  You will have several monsters with which to attack your extremely vulnerable opponent.

This should give you a good start on using your Realm of the Sea Emperor deck effectively!

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Jan 13

Realm of the Sea Emperor

Realm of the Sea Emperor

The newest structure deck is also a very fun water deck!

Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon

Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon, is definitely the star of the deck.  With a 2800 ATK, it’s not the toughest card in the game, but the unique effect can cripple your opponent and all of your opponent’s monsters!

Poseidra takes 3 Level 3 or lower water monsters to summon, but you can special summon it from your hand or from the Graveyard.  This means you have many ways to get Poseidra out – and re-use it’s effect to repeatedly diminish your opponent’s monster’s ATK!

There are a number of Atlantean cards, which all work together nicely, and support the deck well.


There are several cards that were released in previous sets, all selected to work well in this deck.  They all fit the water theme nicely!  Let them inspire you for ways to change the deck and make it work for your style – there have been a lot of cards released over the years that work well in water/sea serpent type decks!

Friller Rabca

In the next post, you’ll see more of the heavy hitters from this deck, and learn ways to combo them with the other cards in this deck.

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Jan 13

Cosmo Blazer Sneak Peek Event

January 19 and/or January 20, 2013 – Attend a sneak peak event for the new Cosmo Blazer set.  Get an Ultra Rare Noble Arms- Caliburn card and other cool stuff!

Here’s a link to the page with more information about the event:


Here’s a direct link to the page listing the North American locations:

Find out if there’s a Sneak Peak near you now!

The Cosmo Blazer set will be available in stores January 25th, 2013.


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Oct 23

Vylon Stella and Darklord Desire combo

After the last Vylon Stella post, a Ra Yellow Mega Pack was opened.

It contained a card that was SO perfect for using with Vylon Stella.

That card is Darklord Desire:

Darklord Desire

This amazing card can be summoned using a single fairy type monster.  This is a perfect way to get Vylon Stella into the graveyard.

Vylon Stella

Once there, you can pay 500 life points to attach Vylon Stella to Darklord Desire.

You can attack with Darklord and use Vylon Stella’s effect to destroy a monster – especially a monster that cannot be destroyed by battle.  This is Vylon Stella’s specialty.

You can also use Darklord Desire’s effect to destroy a monster.

Used at the right time, this can be a game changing combo!

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Oct 21

Vylon Stella and Amazoness Queen combo

Vylon Stella is a pretty handy card from the Hidden Arsenal 6 set.


Vylon Stella

For only 500 life points, this card can help you get rid of some pesky monsters under your opponent’s control.

Here’s a great combo to try:

Use Vylon Stella to summon Amazoness Queen.

Amazoness Queen

Then attach Vylon Stella to Amazoness Queen.

Since Amazoness Queen cannot be destroyed by battle while it’s effect is active, you can use this combo to safely attack – and destroy – any monster your opponent controls!

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Oct 15

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

This gorgeous card turned up recently in a Return of the Duelist pack:

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

(Sorry, the gold lettering just wouldn’t scan very well.)

Thunder Spark Dragon has two possible effects.  The first effect requires detaching 3 Xyz materials to activate – but it wipes out all other face-up monsters on the field.

The second effect requires detaching 5 Xyz Materials to activate – and it destroys all the cards your opponent controls!

Since it requires 3 level 4 monsters to summon this card, how does one use the card’s second effect?

Here’s a couple of cards that can help with that:

Overlay Eater

Overlay Eater can take one of your opponent’s Xyz material monsters and add it to one of your own Xyz monsters!  And getting to your Graveyard is as simple as using it to summon another monster.

Overlay Regen

Overlay Regen is a simple to use spell card that becomes Xyz material for any face-up Xyz Monster on the field.

There’s one more card that can help Thunder Spark Dragon:

Xyz Unit

Xyz Unit is awesome; not only does it effectively act as Xyz material, it adds 800 ATK to Thunder Spark Dragon’s attack while it is still attached!

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Oct 13

Fox Fire and Spirit Barrier combo

Here’s a combo that can help protect your life points:

Use Fox Fire and Spirit Barrier together on the field.

Fox Fire

Spirit Barrier

Spirit Barrier prevents you from taking battle damage as long as you have a monster on your side of the field.  Fox Fire returns to your side of the field at the end of a turn when it is destroyed by battle, if it is face-up.

Be careful if you use this combo.  It might be hard to get rid of Fox Fire when you want to, as it cannot be used for a Tribute Summon.  You can, however, use it for Synchro or Xyz Summons.

While you have Fox Fire on the field, you can play Creature Swap to switch monsters with your opponent.  Use their high attack monster to destroy Fox Fire on their side of the field for big life point damage.  During the end phase, Fox Fire will be Special Summoned back to your side of the field.

Creature Swap

There are plenty of other ways to combo Fox Fire – what can you think of?

Rule the Duel!

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